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As explained in the last summary, essences are an important part in BFA and you cannot play without them.

We have summarized all essences and divided them into 4 categories depending on your role.

Neutral Essences, Tank Essences, Healing Essences, DPS Essences.

 Attention: Some Essences are out of stock if they are not shown in the drop-down menu

Neutral EssencesTooltipETA
Conflict and StrifeRib-Bone Choker of Dominance3-5 weeks
Crucible of FlameTempered Scale of the Scarlet Broodmother1-2 days
Formless VoidVolatile Void Droplet4 weeks
Memory of Lucid DreamsPearl of Perspicuous Intentions2-3 weeks
Ripple in SpaceStalwart Battlefield Memento6-8 weeks
Vision of PerfectionPerfection-Enhancing Gearbox1-2 weeks
Worldvein ResonanceFluctuating Worldvein4 weeks

Tank EssencesTooltipETA
Aegis of the DeepRegenerating Barrier of the Deeps2-3 weeks
Anima of Life and Death
Fetish of the Hidden Labyrinths
2-3 weeks
Azeroth’s Undying Gift
Tempered Azerite Formation
3 weeks
Nullification Dynamo
Null Force Nullifier
2-3 weeks
Sphere of Suppression
Sphere of Leeched Mobility
1 week
Strength of the Warden
Manual of Unbalanced Tactics
1-2 weeks
Touch of the Everlasting
Branch of Rejuvenating Rings
2 weeks

DPS Essences
Blood of the Enemy
Churning Blood of the Conquered
1 weeks
Breath of the Dying
Token of Death's Glee
2 weeks
Condensed Life-Force
Resonating Elemental Heart
3 weeks
Essence of the Focusing Iris
Stabilizing Lens of the Focusing Iris
2-3 weeks
Purification Protocol
Enhanced Purification Protocols
2-3 weeks
Spark of Inspiration
Quickening Azerite Geode
1-2 weeks
The Unbound Force
Polarized Azerite Slivershards
2-3 weeks

Heal Essences
Artifice of Time
Azerite-Fueled Timequartz
1 week
Life-Binder’s Invocation
Lingering Seed of Renewal
2-3 weeks
Spirit of Preservation
Gleaming Star Shard
2 weeks
The Ever-Rising Tide
Tome of the Quickening Tides
2-3 weeks
The Well of Existence
Calibrated Existence Gauge
2-3 weeks
Unwavering Ward
Ward of Mutual Aid
1-2 weeks
Vitality Conduit
Grid of Bursting Vitality
3 weeks


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