Leveling in World of Warcraft can be a tedious chore! That feeling when your friends or guild need you on a different class, but you just don’t have the time to spend days upon days just to level up.

And then the gearing hasn’t even started yet!

Whether you are a so-called altoholic or just want to try something new, but you don’t want to spend time on this boring leveling.

Rocket Gaming has the solution! We have the best leveling services for both Classic WoW and Shadowlands.

We have plenty of power-leveling services that are perfectly adjustable to your needs.

Do you want just a couple levels to finish it off, the whole thing? No problem at all.

We can get your character from level 110 to level 120 in just a few hours, while you can be completely AFK! 

We provide leveling services for Classic WoW as well for the ones who are tired of grinding quests for days upon days, or are not a fan of constantly being ganked in Stranglethorn Vale. We will get you to level 60 in no time, so you can get that epic gear!

[EU] Leveling 50 - 60

[EU] Leveling 50 - 60

 Requirements:Your character must be 50 or higher. ETA:Depending on the option chosen..

44.00€ Ex Tax: 36.67€

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